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  • Koru Clip Art

    Decorate your labels, cards, worksheets or posters with these koru. They come in 18 bright colours and are easy to use. Get creative by rotating, reflecting and joining them to each other. Resource makers can add a bit of Aotearoa to their NZ products! Teachers can “korufy” their classrooms.

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  • Koru Frames-Round

    Simple and colourful. How could you use these frames? Your ākonga could draw self-portraits or decorations for the Christmas tree. Add some koru motifs to the round koru ends.     Michele
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  • Koru Rectangular Frames-Design Your Own

    The Koru. Nothing resembles our unique art more that this simple symbol. Make cards, borders,patterns, pictures or worksheets with the “stretchable” pieces. Red, black and white. Square and rectangular frame. Circles, triangles, parallelograms, squares, long koru, short koru curved or … Read More
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  • Koru Speech Bubbles

    Speech bubbles are so handy. These  New Zealand themed koru call outs will add a bi-cultural āhuatanga to your akomanga. These can be laminated and written on. Also, they can be a question and reply set using 2 different colours. … Read More
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  • Kōwhaiwhai Headers and Footers

    Decorate your posters and labels with these beautiful kōwhaiwhai. The black and white version will be great for worksheets. Learners will love to colour these after completing their mahi. These are original designs! Be unique in your bi-cultural classroom, or … Read More
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  • New Zealand Christmas Card Making Set

    New Zealand Christmas Card Making Set We are celebrating Christmas in New Zealand with a fun selection of D.I.Y. cards for your learners to work on independently. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Lots of choices and opportunity to learn simple … Read More
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  • New Zealand Christmas Ornaments

    Celebrate the holiday season with these beautiful NZ icon Christmas ornaments in te reo Māori and English (and te reo Māori only). Learners can choose from 20 illustrations and phrases, 4 writing prompts and a blank template. These are LARGE-each … Read More
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  • New Zealand Native Birds Christmas Decorations

    Celebrate the Christmas season with these beautiful 3D Native Birds. Tūī and Tīrairaka will enhance any Christmas tree and delight makers and recipients. Koro and Nan will love these. The next door neighbour would be ecstatic. Cuzzies would think they’re … Read More
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  • New Zealand’s Christmas Tree-Pōhutukawa Display

    Copy,paste and put up on your wall. This is approximately 1m x 1m square and will look fabulous on your wall. It can be used as part of so many topics! Michele
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  • Te Reo at Home-Colour Flip Books

    These te reo printables feature 10 colours for your tamariki to learn. Following that they will be able to read sentences describing the colour of something! This will fast track their reo. Promote the language at home by having some … Read More
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  • Te Reo Flipbooks 2

    These te reo printables are packed with learning. “Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu” Although small, they are precious. Although small these are packed with learning and you only need one sheet per book. You will learn names for lots of … Read More
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  • Te Reo Māori Number Matching Cards

    These te reo Māori maths printables will help your learners to count, match and read the Māori number word. As with all of our Te Reo Maths resources this is New Zealand themed. It also comes with four te reo … Read More
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