Kai Resource Bundle

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Te Reo Māori Made Easy -Kai: Fruit-Hua rākau

Te Reo Māori Made Easy- *Kai* Vegetables (Hua whenua)

Te Reo Made Easy * Kai * Breakfast (Parakuihi)

* Kai* Whakataukī Mini Collaborative 1

Kai-Whakataukī Mini-Collaborative 2


We just cannot live without FOOD. Kai. We need it every day so it’s all around us. Therefore, this makes food a good context to learn te reo Māori. Undoubtedly, language is as important to our lives as fruit and vegetables are to our bodies. This kai resource bundle contains 3  resources for learning about kai (food) through te reo Māori – parakuihi (breakfast), hua rakau (fruits), and hua whenua (vegetables). Each set of resources contain games and activities which your tamariki will surely enjoy.

  1. Flashcards. These will help you identify the foods in English then learn the Māori name for each.
  2. Three-Part Cards. Your learner can match the pictures as well as learn the written word and identify the food.
  3. Mini-Cards (named and unnamed). All the pictures are on one card with their names under each. This is a great “cheat” sheet for writing the words in stories. Afterward, you and your learners can now identify these foods without having to read the labels. Moreover, these and the named mini cards can be used with the Barrier game.
  4. Barrier Game. It’s complete with cheat sheets which you may glue on the barrier game placemats. These will help guide your kōrero by being able to put food into each of the containers. To know more about the benefits of barrier games, click here.


Also, you will find simple Māori phrases which will help you communicate about kai in te reo. These kai resources are enriched with prompts for questions and answers for you and your learners to engage in conversations about food in te reo.

Furthermore, there are 2 sets of mini collaborative posters containing whakatauki about kai! These 6-piece posters will surely get your learners working collaboratively and talking about kai while finishing a masterpiece!

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I hope that this Kai resource bundle will help you learn te reo Māori in an engaging and mouthwatering way for that matter 😀 . Make it more worthwhile and enjoyable by integrating what you have learned from these resources into your daily life. Ultimately, the goal is to have everyone talk about kai in te reo Māori!

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