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Māori Gods Resource Bundle

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The creation story involving the Māori Gods gives us a unique way of looking at our world. In fact, its tradition is so strong that it can influence  aspects of our lives. Hence, this Māori Gods Resource Bundle celebrates this rich heritage as it brings the kaupapa pūrākau (stories) of ngā atua Māori into your homes and classrooms. It contains four (4) resources: a flag display for your wall (above), a set of templates for a concertina book, a collaborative puzzle, and a fortune teller. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz


Māori Gods Concertina Book

This Māori Gods concertina book, also known as “He Pukapuka Whētuitui – Ngā Atua Māori”, is a wonderful activity for your students to learn more about the Maori gods. Making this concertina book is a great activity, for mindfulness and perseverence. This would be a perfect activity if you are wanting your learners to read and gather information (from the posters) and then re-tell the story, or write more information about the gods. This is a good choice for those wanting to have a keepsake. It can also be displayed and then taken home to share with whānau.

Moreover, learners can give examples of what we can learn from the characteristics and attributes of these atua.  At the end of this activity, it is expected that ākonga will become more familiar with the more widely known atua in te ao Māori, what domain they are kaitiaki of and appropriate attributes.

Māori Gods Collaborative Puzzle

I have always been in love with collaborative posters. They provide an opportunity for tamariki to work together as a group. I like this set as the pieces work to show the relationship of the gods.


  1. 1-3 groups of 10 each completing their own
  2. Any size group over 10.  You can layer the pieces. (5 learners may want to write about Papatūānuku. Just staple them on top of each other. Display at a height where all can read.)

In this resource, there are two (2) sets of puzzles: one with the pictures of the atua and one without them. Each set is comprised of ten (10) puzzle pieces. There is a set without  pictures because learners may like to illustrate it themselves or write more information.  Nevertheless, I still included a set with the pictures of the atua which is ready-to-print. It also allows for mindfulness  colouring, originality with additional illustrations and plenty of room to report.

Furthermore, I’ve also included guide questions which your tamariki may answer while doing their puzzle piece. They can write their answers to one or few of these questions in the spaces in the piece they have.

The addition of the phrase “Ko—–tēnei” allows the learners to use A/O 1.2 to “introduce” their atua to the class or their group.

Māori Gods Fortune Teller

Finally, the Fortune teller will allow your learners to have fun while practicing the phrase “Ko wai te atua o te….”. They can also practice saying numbers and colours in te reo Māori.


Our ancestors passed down this kōrero to generations. Eventually, we have put them into the context of the world we live in. I hope that with these resources, we continue to pass on these whakapapa stories to our mokopuna. These pūrākau deserve to be protected, preserved, and kept alive for the years to come. I also hope that these resources will give you and your tamariki an opportunity to reflect on te ao Māori through the characteristics of the Māori gods.


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1 review for Māori Gods Resource Bundle

  1. Irene Cheung (verified owner)

    A really packed bundle of beautifully made resources to support any study on Ngaa Atua. These activities will provide a useful starting point or follow up to any Creation pūrākau you do with your ākomanga. Suitable for use with varied age/learner groups, as some of the resources are written with scaffolds to support beginners and as well are open for more able learners to add their whaakaro. Irene, Awakairangi

    • Michele (verified owner)

      Kia ora Irene,
      Thanks for the helpful feedback 🙂

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