Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Te Reo Number Flip Book 1-20



Te reo Māori printables to help write number words as well as counting in te reo.

With this te reo printable  resource  your tamariki will be able to read the number word as well as practice counting in a variety of ways. Also called  Tatauria! Count! – not only is it visually appealing but it allows for interactivity as well. It contains flip books which tamariki will enjoy assembling with their caregivers, tuakana and teachers.

Each page is  divided into two panels. The left panel is for the base of the flip book and contains a traceable numeral and the Māori word for it. Cut out the mini pages on the right hand side which can be attached and flipped. Before cutting out the sections, it is best for the tamariki to trace the numbers and words and colour the pictures of the fruit.

The numerals and the words have arrows and numbers in them which serve as a guide where to begin and end in tracing. This makes the resource more personalized and also encourages the children to develop their fine motor skills through writing and colouring.

Also featured are 4 phrases you can say in te reo Māori.

What number is this?

This is…(number)

How many?

Count the…



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