It takes 3-4 minutes for a file to be downloaded.
Right-click on a zipped file. Choose "Extract All" or "Extract File". On the dialog box, choose the destination folder where you want to extract your files. Click "Ok". Go to the destination folder you chose to check if the extracted files are there.
These are downloadabe PDF’s and can be found in your downloads. On the off chance you can’t find them look in your SPAM folder.
Some files are too big to be hosted on the Wordpress website. These can be retrieved by following the link.


Depending on which bank and on the day of the week, it can take 1-2 days.
Yes. TPT is in $US. Part of the reason for having a website is to be able to sell in $NZ.
Go to "Check Out". Choose payment option "Direct Deposit/Bank Deposit". You will receive an invoice. Deposit into bank account (number provided on form).


You can earn rewards in two ways: (1) by purchasing a product, and; (2) leaving a review on the product you purchased. (Note: You can only earn rewards if you sign up for an account.)
Go to the homepage and click on “Login/Signup”. Type your email address on the box and click “Register”. Check your email. You will receive a message which contains a link to your account and a temporary password. Click on the link provided. You will now be led to a “My Account” page where you could edit your password and account details, view your orders, and manage your shipping and billing addresses.