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Te Reo Māori Card Games: Manu Māori-Native Birds

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Playing these te reo Māori card games will help you and your tamariki  learn Māori names for some native birds.

Games are such an excellent way to use te reo Māori phrases, and we have included  many examples for you to use.

These cards have Aotearoa themed illustrations and are of excellent quality. We are VERY proud to have them made in NZ.

Firstly, you can learn the names of the birds (manu Māori) by playing the game of “Go Fish” or “Hī Ika”e.g “Have you got a tūī?”

After that, you can add more te reo phrases like “Kei a koe tētahi tūī?” “Have you got a tui?”

Kākāpō, kākā, hoiho, kererū, kiwi, kārearea, pīwaiwaka, kōtare, pūkeko, huia, ruru, tūī, kōtuku.

We also have our popular Te Pāmu cards-The Farm where your ākonga can learn Māori names for some animals.


These can both be purchased with Tier pricing

1-5 packs=19.95

5-10 (class pack)=17.95

10+ packs=15.95



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