Māori Alphabet Resource Bundle

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Te Arapū Māori ( Māori Alphabet) Jigsaw Puzzles

Te Reo Māori Alphabet Poems

Arapū Māori- Te Reo Māori Alphabet Colouring Pages


 Every essential skill is built on a strong foundation. As for any language, learning things as basic as its alphabet is crucial for a learner to advance to higher skills. In learning te reo Māori, it is very important to master TE ARAPŪ MĀORI (Māori alphabet). Once your learners are confident in recognising them, it will be easier for them to read and write in te reo. Therefore,  this Māori Alphabet Resource Bundle is a value packed resource to help you lay down the foundations of the Māori alphabet in a profound yet fun-filled way. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>


It contains 17 ALPHABET JIGSAW PUZZLES. You can cut each puzzle into 3-6 jigsaw pieces. Moreover, there are 2 SETS OF MATCHING CARDS, one with English words and one without. These matching cards are colour-coded and match the colour of their corresponding jigsaw puzzle.
There is an index to the pictures, Māori, and English words used in the jigsaw puzzles and matching cards.
There is also an ORO PUARE (vowel) SOUND CHART to guide you in pronouncing the Māori vowels.
MINI VERSIONS OF JIGSAW PUZZLES can be used as reference and as a label for kete, bags or containers.
Furthermore, you can print an extra copy of the jigsaw puzzles. You can compile them in a scrapbook and use the cover provided in this resource. You can help your tamariki draw or paste pictures in the scrapbook to add to the corresponding letter.


First of all this was designed to help with pronunciation of te reo Maori. You can sing or chant these poems. The focus is to promote more te reo Maori usage in an easy way, in your akomanga. Also, there is a black and white version so that tamariki can colour pages in and put in their reading or poem books. Furthermore, it is yet another simple way to “normalise” te reo Māori in the classroom.  Ākonga can make up little actions to the words.
The words used in the poems are useful everyday words or sounds and there is plenty of opportunity for extending and asking questions, e.g, Kei te pēhea te hipohipo? Kei te harikoa ia. (How is the hipohipo feeling? She’s happy.)
Kei te aha ia? Kei te kanikani ia. (What is she doing? She is dancing.)


This set of colouring pages will help your children be familiarised with the Māori words usually associated with each of the letters in the te reo Māori alphabet. Furthermore, there are plenty of common Māori words for your ākonga to learn.

I hope that this Māori Alphabet Resource Bundle will empower you and your learners in grasping the basics of our te reo. While these are fun and engaging activities, they never fail in instilling mastery in recognising the letters we use in reading and writing te reo.

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