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Te Reo Flipbooks 2



Te Reo printables  will expedite reading in te reo for your tamariki. 50 nouns to learn-pets, animals,  New Zealand native birds, insects and sea life. These are much loved by learners and are packed with learning. The repetitive phrase

These te reo printables are packed with learning.
“Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu” Although small, they are precious.
Although small these are packed with learning and you only need one sheet per book.
You will learn names for lots of animals as well as New Zealand birds and creatures.
The 10 titles are:
Ngā Mōkai-Pets
Ngā Kararehe -Animals
Ngā Tamariki a Tangaroa 1&2-Sea Creatures
Ngā Tamariki a Tāne-Tāne’s Insects
Ngā Manu Māori 1,2 &3-Native Birds
Ngā Taonga Māori 1,2 and 3-Māori Treasures

Some of the taonga include things made of harakeke (flax) and nguru (nose flute) tāhei (necklace) waka and other beauties.
There is also a set of Colour Flip Books available.

If you would like to try out a colour flip book freebie here it is.



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