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Māori Numbers – Count From 100-1000



Help your learners count the Māori numbers beyond 100 with this set of activities. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>

  1. Number-Māori Puzzle. The puzzle pieces are colour-coded for support according to place value.
  2. Whare Board. You can use this with a deck of cards. All you have to do is remove cards such as king, queen, jack, ten and joker so that cards 9 and below will serve as numbers (aces will become 1s). You can play barrier games as your learners draw cards to be placed in each room of the whare. Afterwards, they can guess the Māori number beyond 100. There are many ways this can be used.
  3. 3-Digit Train. You can play this with 3 dice. Roll them to come up with numbers and have somebody ask the questions on the page.
  4. (Great for extending your te reo questioning)
  5. Mini-Flipbooks. Your learners can individually practice with various number combinations with these mini-flipbooks. Moreover, they can also play in groups where a learner says a Māori number and the others make the combination in their flipbooks. They can then show and say the numbers.

Also, this set also has spinner wheels. You can use them in place of dice to come up with random numbers.

Furthermore, this whole set of activities also comes with a guide on how to properly read Māori numbers beyond 100.

For other number questions to use in te reo here is a blog post on counting 100-1000.


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