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Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Te Reo Māori Card Games: Te Pāmu-The Farm

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Playing these te reo Māori card games will help you and your tamariki  learn Māori names for some farm animals.

Games are such an excellent way to use te reo Māori phrases, and we have included  many examples for you to use.

These cards have Aotearoa themed illustrations and are of excellent quality. We are VERY proud to have them made in NZ.

Firstly, you can learn the names of the animals (kararehe) by playing the game of “Go Fish” or “Hī Ika”e.g “Have you got a ngeru?”

After that, you can add more te reo phrases like “Kei a koe tētahi hipi?” “Have you got a sheep?”


Te Pāmu-The Farm

This set of te reo Māori cards have 12 farm animals and a farmer.

These can both be purchased with Tier pricing

1-5 packs=19.95

5-10 (class pack)=17.95

10+ packs=15.95 (free postage)

Here are our Native Bird Playing cards.






The resource comes with lots of te reo phrases you can use to deepen and extend your reo. There is a huge amount of fun to be had while learning. Games are a great way to connect with your whānau- whether it’s your flatmates, children or parents!

Also the te reo phrases can be used in everyday conversation.

Added value resource

To add value and to consolidate learning there is also a downloadable resource when you purchase the cards. This is seriously jam-packed with learning opportunities.



To reinforce  learning the printable resources follow Achievement objectives from

You add toy cars, draw pictures of a waka, creatures and insects, different types of rākau (trees), all sorts of things to use in a play-based way, but using te reo.



Play this game and learn the names of farm animals in Māori.


Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori – Kura Auraki-Te ReoMāori Curriculum

Achievement Objectives for Te Reo Māori

What are Achievement Objectives? Firstly, rather than just “teaching anything” schools follow some objectives put out by the Ministry of Education. These are also used in other learning institutions and all the way to Year 12-13. The language used is reasonably flexible and can extend to more than the basics. They serve as a guide, especially for school-wide planning.

Included in this resource are opportunities to learn:

1.5 communicate about location
1.7 use and respond to simple classroom language (including asking for the word to express something in te reo Māori).

2.2 communicate about possessions
2.5 communicate about physical characteristics, personality, and feelings.


Te Reo Phrases

Included are two pages of te reo phrases to use in the games or in everyday conversations.




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