Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Arapū Māori- Māori Alphabet for Display 2



Kōwhaiwhai letters will help your displays “pop. The Arapū are a nice way to display the Māori artform of kōwhaiwhai.
Not only are these attractive with the beautiful kōwhaiwhai designs, but they can also highlight the kupu Māori (Māori word) by being different from other display lettering.

Cut and laminate for-
*Displays in classrooms or offices
*to use as word maker activities
*ākonga can make “scrabble” type word connection activities
*Can be enlarged

Because they are only Arapū Māori learners will soon get to know the particular letters belonging to the Māori Alphabet.
Upper case and Lower case
Macrons included
Māori alphabet only


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