Te Reo Māori Number Recognition Bundle (5 Resources)



These te reo printables make up an essential number recognition bundle. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>

Singularly they are awesome but to have the variety will add both languages in your bicultural mainstream classroom.

For Kōhanga they are perfect as there is no English on any of the resources that your ākonga will see.

To use-  introduce them as you would any other Maths resource.

Explain to your ākonga that when these are used try to use te reo only. (They can be prompted because the number word is written in te reo).

Your tamariki will soon realise that these are for counting in te reo.

The Anchor Charts are beautiful and have full number sentence written in te reo.(Can be enlarged to A3)

Also the Number Matching Jigsaw have these same themes.

Another brilliant addition are the kaiako cards which will help you ask questions in te reo.

E hia ngā mea? How many things?

Tautaria ngā mea. Count the things.

Ko te aha tēnei tau?  What’s this number?



As teachers it is really important that we have a te reo component to every aspect of our teaching practice.

These will definitely help 🙂

For a closer look at Maths and Number recognition AND these lovely Anchor Charts take a look at this blog post.

Here are the resources included in this bundle.

Te Reo Māori Number Jigsaws 1-10

Te Reo Māori Number Anchor Charts

Te Reo Māori Number Matching Cards

Te Reo Māori Number Matching Jigsaw

Te Reo Māori Number Flip Book




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