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Te Reo Māori Starter Kit (Kete Tuatoru)

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Matariki BUNDLE

Are you looking for Matariki resources that will help you and your learners gain a deeper understanding of the Māori New Year?

This resource begins with the story of Tāwhirimātea. It tells how his eyes came to be the stars of Matariki. Hence the name “Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea.” The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea” or Mata ariki.

The story comes with beautiful colourful illustrations and a black and white version, so your learners can re-write their own stories. You could also make a sequence story or a class collaborative pūrākau.

Magnetic stories can be made from another resource in this bundle. the stunning illustrations can be used to further develop the language of your learners (English, te reo, kīwaha, phrases etc) in play or as part of a group activity.



Most of the time, we find it overwhelming to look for resources which are useful and enjoyable at the same time. Nevertheless, look no further! I have done the job for you. I compiled these resources for you in this Te Reo Māori Starter Kit!

These resources cover everything that is essential to your young learners’ progress. They range from basic literacy and numeracy to fluency in simple conversations. Moreover, these materials are in line with the Level 1 Achievement Objectives which make them really useful for classroom and pre-school, ECE Centre use. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>

General Resources

From the Te Reo Māori Curriculum.

  1. Te Reo Māori in Mainstream Schools Bundle (Level 1 Achievement Objectives)
  2. Interactive Folder
  3. 46 Te Reo Classroom Labels (with sentences)
  4. Te Reo Classroom Timetable Labels

Vocabulary Resources

Te Reo Māori language resources for all ages.

  1. 33 Māori Words Every Learner Should Know
  2. Parts of the Body
  3. Hua Rākau (Fruits)
  4. Hua Whenua (Vegetables)
  5. Parakuihi (Breakfast)
  6. In The Sea: Kei Roto i te Moana

Te Arapū Māori Resources

Te Reo Māori Alphabet

  1. Alphabet Puzzles
  2. Alphabet Poems
  3. Colouring Pages

Pāngarau Resources

Integrate Te Reo Māori in your Maths programme.

      1. Matching Jigsaw Puzzles (1-20)
      2. Number Anchor Charts (Numbers 1-10)
      3. Flipbook (1-20)
      4. Number Jigsaws (1-10)
      5. Matching Cards

Ngā Tae Resources

Excellent Colour resources taking the learners from colours to making sentences about colours.

  1. Colour Resource (waiata, puzzles, booklet and flipbooks)
  2. Colour Charts


Whakataukī Collaborative Poster – Manaia

Matariki Bundle

This Te Reo Māori Starter Kit is a perfect tool for teachers and learners to enjoy every single day in the classroom. The sky is the limit in using each one of the resources.

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