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Matariki 2018 BUNDLE

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Are you looking for Matariki resources that will help you and your learners gain a deeper understanding of the Māori New Year?

This resource begins with the story of Tāwhirimātea. It tells how his eyes came to be the stars of Matariki. Hence the name “Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea.” The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea” or Mata ariki.

The story comes with beautiful colourful illustrations and a black and white version, so your learners can re-write their own stories. You could also make a sequence story or a class collaborative pūrākau.

Magnetic stories can be made from another resource in this bundle. the stunning illustrations can be used to further develop the language of your learners (English, te reo, kīwaha, phrases etc) in play or as part of a group activity.




Also, in this bundle:

*Story/colour-illustrations and story

*Story/ black and white illustrations

*Magnetic story illustrations

*Star Ball Decoration (1 per A4 page-good for group work)

*Collaborative poster (Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea)-The Eyes of Tāwhirimātea

*Manu Kāhu-kite template to decorate

*Posters on each of the Matariki stars and their domain

*Tirama Tirama (Twinkle twinkle te reo version)

90 plus pages

Whole School license


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