Te Reo Māori Alphabet Poems




First of all this was designed to help with pronunciation of te reo Maori. These poems can be chanted or sung. The focus is to promote more te reo Maori usage in an easy way, in your akomanga. Perfect for quick activities that can be used all year long. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz

Because kaiako are always looking for fun activities  in te reo Māori, catchy tune makes them easy to learn.

A black and white version is also added so that tamariki can colour pages in and put in their reading or poem books.Furthermore it is yet another simple way to “normalise” te reo Māori in the classroom.  Ākonga can make up little actions to the words.

Here is an example of one:
Kanikani e
Harikoa harikoa
Hipohipo e
Hippopotamus, dancing, happy hippopotamus.

Useful for Kohanga, Kindy and Years 1-4.
The words used in the poems are useful everyday words or sounds and there is plenty of opportunity for extending and asking questions, e.g, Kei te pēhea te hipohipo? Kei te harikoa ia. (How is the hipohipo feeling? She’s happy.)
Kei te aha ia? Kei te kanikani ia. (What is she doing? She is dancing.)

OROKATI (consonants)
*Hipohipo (hippopotamus)
*Kurī (dog)
*Makimaki (monkey)
*Noke (worm)
*Pūru (bull)
*Rāpeti (rabbit)
*Tīrairaka (fantail)
*Ngeru (cat)
*Wheke (octopus)
In addition to this is a vowel (oro puare) chart and a counting chart. This can be a quick mat time activity woven into your class programme.

e-e hia (to practice asking e hia…how many?

Counting chart-
E hia ngā āporo?
E hia ngā ika-counting 1-10

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