Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Te Reo Māori Made Easy -Kai: Fruit-Hua rākau



This resource is in the Kai Resource Bundle.

Learn te reo Māori from home or school with this resource using fun games and activities.

This te reo resource will take you and your learners from naming 18 fruit (hua rākau) to asking “What’s in the lunch box?” in Māori. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz

Te reo flash cards

First identify the fruit in English then learn the Māori name.

Te reo “Three-part cards”

Your learner can match the pictures as well as learn the written word and identify the fruit.

Te reo Mini-cards named

All the pictures are on one card with their names under each. This is a great “cheat” sheet for writing the words in stories.

Te reo Mini-cards unnamed

You and your learners can now identify these fruits without having to read the labels. Next these and the named mini cards can be used with the Barrier game.

Te Reo Barrier game cheat sheet

Glue this on your barrier. It has some of the starter phrases you may need.

Te Reo Barrier placemats

These will help guide your kōrero by being able to put hua rākau in to each of the pouaka kai-lunch boxes.


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