Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Te Reo Māori Made Easier Ko au “ME”


This product was designed to help teachers learn and teach te reo Maori.
Perfect to integrate with “About me” “My World” “My Place”- it is child centred.
Some of the whānau terms in te reo Māori can get complicated and this resource will make teaching them easier.


Te Reo Māori Made Easier Ko au “ME” resource includes:
Achievement Objectives

1.4 communicate about personal information, such as [their] name, parents’ and grandparents’ names
2.1 communicate about relationships between people

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Learning Intentions:
• recognise, understand, and use familiar words about ourselves and our whānau
• recognise, understand, and use short phrases about ourselves and our whānau
• ask and answer simple questions about another person’s whānau
• use ordinal numbers to tell my or someone else’s place in the whānau
• ask and answer a question about my or someone else’s age

There are plenty of activities and support materials in this pack.

This resource uses the neutral “taku” as is used in the School Resources “He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora”.


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