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    Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori Bundle 2019

    Once again, we celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori with the theme, “Kia Kaha te Reo Māori”. Therefore, we are reminded to make the Māori language “strong”. Anyone can and everyone should take part in learning it and using … Read More
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  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

    Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori Flags

    Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori is here! In line with this, I am so pleased to offer these te reo Māori “important word flags” as a bundle. This will be an awesome addition to your schools te reo Māori … Read More
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    Te Reo Starter Kit 1

    Te Reo Māori Starter Kit (Kete Tuatahi)

    Most of the time, we find it overwhelming to look for resources which are useful and enjoyable at the same time. Nevertheless, look no further! I have done the job for you. I compiled these resources for you in this … Read More
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  • Maori story posters

    Māori Story Posters

    Māori stories (pūrākau)  are like no other. We all enjoy listening to and reading them. Nevertheless, our learners will be able to enjoy them more when they see them in pictures. Here is a compilation of the most colourful Māori … Read More
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    Maori stories

    Māori Stories-Collaborative Posters Bundle

    Stories are meant to be shared. In Māori culture, people share stories at home and in the community. Likewise, you can cultivate this atmosphere in your classroom. With collaborative activities, your learners can enjoy listening and re-telling pūrākau while engaged … Read More
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    Māori alphabet resource bundle

    Māori Alphabet Resource Bundle

     Every essential skill is built on a strong foundation. As for any language, learning things as basic as its alphabet is crucial for a learner to advance to higher skills. In learning te reo Māori, it is very important to … Read More
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    kai resource bundle

    Kai Resource Bundle

    We just cannot live without FOOD. Kai. We need it every day so it’s all around us. Therefore, this makes food a good context to learn te reo Māori. Undoubtedly, language is as important to our lives as fruit and … Read More
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    NZ Birds

    NZ Birds Resource Bundle

    Birds are important to traditional Māori life as sources of food and clothing. People closely observe their habits and take them as inspirations for metaphor and poetry. Moreover, people also use their behaviour to predict the weather and even the … Read More
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  • Tane

    Tāne and the Three Baskets of Knowledge

    The story of how Tāne obtained the three baskets of knowledge is one of the most fascinating pūrākau you and your tamariki will hear. (For other Māori stories, click here.) It is a reflection of the importance of knowledge from … Read More
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  • Maori gods resource bundle

    Māori Gods Resource Bundle

    The creation story involving the Māori Gods gives us a unique way of looking at our world. In fact, its tradition is so strong that it can influence  aspects of our lives. Hence, this Māori Gods Resource Bundle celebrates this … Read More
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  • NZ Concertina Books Bundle *He Pukapuka Whētuitui*

    Everyone just cannot get enough of the fun and colour these concertina books bring to homes and classrooms. Therefore, I have bundled them up for you! This bundle includes the concertina books for New Zealand’s native birds, forest creatures, and … Read More
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  • whakatauki posters

    15 Whakatauki Posters Bundle

    These printable whakatauki posters will generate some good kōrero at school, home or in the office. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz Whakataukī … Read More
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