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  • Matariki Magnets-Te Iwa o Matariki (Sold out)

    These beautiful Matariki fridge magnets will delight young and old. This set of 9 whetū are beautiful and will help you and your tamariki learn the names and meanings of each whetū. SOLD OUT These were part of the Matariki … Read More
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  • Matariki Pou Templates

    Practise tonal colouring and blending with these blackline templates. (You could also use your own patterns). This is also a great way to prepare for making and designing your own pou. Ngā mihi to Mararoa School for their wonderful mahi. … Read More
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  • Matariki stars

    Matariki Stars Mini Collaborative Posters

    The Matariki stars are up in the night sky this season during Pipiri, the Māori month of June. Pipiri marks the beginning of the Māori Maramataka.  Pipiri simply means “to draw close”. What better way to draw your learners together … Read More
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  • Maori gods concertina book

    Māori Gods Concertina Book

    This Māori Gods concertina book, also known as “He Pukapuka Whētuitui – Ngā Atua Māori”, is a wonderful activity for your students to learn more about the Maori gods. Making this concertina book is a great activity, especially if you … Read More
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  • Karakia mo te kai

    Karakia mō te Kai Concertina Book

    Firstly, this pukapuka whētuitui (concertina book) contains karakia for kai. It is a fun way to learn this lovely karakia. You can  decorate and individualise it. It’s an arty craft that can be done in school. Moreover, this activity can … Read More
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  • Matariki Bingo

    This Bingo “Pingo” game is for parents, teachers, and ākonga to use. This bingo card game is for everyone to enjoy, young and old, in celebration of Matariki. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have … Read More
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  • Sale!

    Matariki Whakataukī Colouring Pages

    These te reo Māori Matariki printables are not just colouring in pages. Firstly, each whakataukī has to do with a particular star and offers some wise understandings. Furthermore, these understandings are either based on values or on the environment. One … Read More
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  • Matariki Māori Art

    This simple art lesson will leave you and everyone else impressed! It is always a popular lesson and with the added Matariki star poupou pictures its a great activity to add variety to your Matariki celebrations. Download the resource now … Read More
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  • Maui and the Sun

    Māui and the Sun Collaborative-Tamanuiterā

    These collaborative posters are popular with learners. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> Firstly, the will collaborative will brighten your walls and add … Read More
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  • Matariki Concertina Book * He Pukapuka Whētuitui*

    Te Iwa o Matariki Firstly, this Matariki foldable/concertina book will delight any age. It is a perfect way to display facts, illustrations, and pictures about Matariki. There are 4 task cards on each of the nine whetū. Each have significant … Read More
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  • Rona and the Moon Collaborative

    Celebrate Matariki with the story of Rona and the moon. This collaborative will be an amazing addition to Matariki celebrations and ANY unit on the Solar System or Māori Myths and Legends. Download the resource now – or, join Te … Read More
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  • Mata-ariki-The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea Collaborative

    After the separation of Rangi and Papa there was arguing amongst their sons. Tāwhirimātea was not happy about the separation of his parents. The illustrated story included tells this story and how it relates to Matariki. Learners can then retell/rewrite … Read More
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  • Ngā Atua Māori-The Māori Gods Collaborative Poster

    Papatūānuku and Ranginui are the ancient parents who the Māori Gods whakapapa to. If you have introduced these as part as your kaitiakitanga or sustainability topics your learners will love this activity to tie it all together. Ākonga will love “owning” their one piece of … Read More
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  • Matariki teaching resource bundle

    Matariki BUNDLE

    Are you looking for Matariki resources that will help you and your learners gain a deeper understanding of the Māori New Year?

    This resource begins with the story of Tāwhirimātea. It tells how his eyes came to be the stars of Matariki. Hence the name “Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea.” The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea” or Mata ariki.

    The story comes with beautiful colourful illustrations and a black and white version, so your learners can re-write their own stories. You could also make a sequence story or a class collaborative pūrākau.

    Magnetic stories can be made from another resource in this bundle. the stunning illustrations can be used to further develop the language of your learners (English, te reo, kīwaha, phrases etc) in play or as part of a group activity.


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  • MATARIKI Collaborative Poster

    Celebrate the Māori New Year with this Matariki collaborative poster.

    For young and old these posters are so much fun and the collaborative nature of the exercise brings people together!

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