Māori Gods Concertina Book



This Māori Gods concertina book, also known as “He Pukapuka Whētuitui – Ngā Atua Māori”, is a wonderful activity for your students to learn more about the Maori gods. Making this concertina book is a great activity, especially if you have read any of the books or the creation story with Ranginui and Papatūānuku. You can get this resource AND ALL of the resources from Te Reo Club for one huge discounted price when you join Te Reo Club.

Māori Gods

The Māori gods (atua) featured in this concertina book are widely known in the Māori creation story. The work of the atua began when Tāne separated Rangi and Papa (If you want to know the whole story, click here). Consequently, there was light. Afterwards, various gods in te ao Māori came to life, including the following:

  • Haumia- tiketike, the god of wild foods
  • Maru, the god of war
  • Tangaroa, god of the seas, lakes, and waterways
  • Tāwhirimātea, god of weathers
  • Tūmatauenga, god of war and hunting
  • Tāne, god of the birds
  • Rūaumoko, god of earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Rongo-ma-tāne, god of cultivation and peace

The fact cards in this resource provide useful information about the atua. They can give examples of what we can learn from the characteristics and attributes of these atua. Moreover, students may wish to add this information to their pukapuka whētuitui. At the end of this activity, it is expected ākonga will become more familiar with the more widely known atua in te ao Māori.

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