Ngā Atua Māori-The Māori Gods Collaborative Poster




Papatūānuku and Ranginui are the ancient parents who the Māori Gods whakapapa to.

If you have introduced these as part as your kaitiakitanga or sustainability topics your learners will love this activity to tie it all together.

Ākonga will love “owning” their one piece of the poster. Furthermore, their “one piece” will be part of the large collaborative poster.

This 120 x 60 cm (ish) poster is bright and bold and has 30 pieces to it.

Above all this is another way for the ākonga  to recall the realms and names of the atua.

Looks awesome on the big walls of the Modern Learning Classrooms.


(c) The Te Reo Māori Classroom 2018

Whole School license.

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