Raumati freebie :-) te reo printable

This free te reo printable is a Bingo game with flash cards. These will help you and your tamariki learn common  words we use in summer through playing Bingo. In addition you can use the set of unnamed pictures and … Read More

Easy Ways to Learn te reo Māori

I am always looking for effective, fun, easy ways to teach te reo Māori. The best te reo games and activities are both fun and educational. It’s good to have a variety and ways of extending your kōrero to make … Read More

Fun Te Reo Games-Barrier Games

Looking for a fun game to play in te reo Māori? Barrier games are a must. They are an excellent way of practicing words and sentences in te reo Māori. Barrier games provide a motivating, fun wheako (experience) for practicing … Read More

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