Kaitiakitanga and Matariki

Kaitiakitanga- Guardianship, stewardship, protection, preservation of taonga. In Te ao Māori there lies a deep relationship between humans and the natural world. All life is connected. Everything has a “mauri” or life force. A stream has a mauri that enables … Read More

Flips and flaps

I have always loved putting a “flap” on top of pictures,words puzzles etc. This is one of the pages in a “Ngā tae” colour scrapbook I made. It is one of the large scrappies and every page has a compilation … Read More

Kapa haka for beginners….

and no I don’t just mean the tamariki! YOU TOO…. because how many of us find ourselves in charge of  kapa haka because we have shown a little bit of interest can play the guitar (even if it’s D G … Read More

Matariki 2016

Ngā mihi mō te tau hōu Māori!My favourite time of year and I’m glad to say this post is very late because I have been  staying on a marae, (over) eating Māori kai,  and doing all those things that fuel … Read More

Tuuaahua-Statives in the te reo classroom

Tūāhua-StativesLast week at Te Aupikitanga we were re-united with tūāhua. Here is some explanation and a link below to tōku reo for some whakaharatau.1. Stative verbs in Māori are words that indicate a state, condition or quality (rather than an activity or an event-adjectives used as verbs).  … Read More

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