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Here is an awesome Te Reo Māori Freebie to help engage the whole class.

When some English Medium schools design their te reo Māori curriculum based on Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori/Curriculum- Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Te Reo Māori they base the content  on kaupapa/ topics. Others work around  the Achievement Objectives.

Some schools use Values and others  Whakataukī as the overarching themes and the Achievement Objectives (A.O’s) have been taught as part of these. There are many ways to include the A.O’s in your teaching and planning of te reo.

This cool Te Reo Māori freebie will help scaffold your ākonga from English question-Māori subject to Māori response Māori question.

It helps cover A.O 2.2 which is -Communicate about possession.

Achievement Objectives- Te Reo in English Medium

The expectation for schools IS to have covered all of Level 1 and 2  (in any order) by the end of Year 6. Some of the Achievement Objectives can be covered all year every year, every day. For example

1.1 greet, farewell, and acknowledge people and respond to greetings and acknowledgments

Some A.O’s are more obvious and straight forward than others.

One of the A.O’s that  kaiako have trouble  planning for is

2.2 communicate about possessions

This is one of my favourites because it can be taught/ used/ practiced through playing games.

There are a few ways of talking about possesssion.

Communicate About Possession

This simple fun activity will really get the reo flowing. I would play it 2 or 3 times a day. Everyone gets a chance to learn some new kai names as well as talking about possession. With this scaffolded approach you can move from English and te reo to saying the whole phrase in Te Reo.

Kei ahau- (or kei a au) (I have)

Kei a koe- (you have) Kei a koe? (Do you have?)

Kei a wai? (who has)

Whakarongo ki a Hēmi! He explains this “possession” kīanga as possession-on our person. Heres his great Facebook page-A Phrase a Day

Playing Cards in Te Reo

Cards are a great way to practice these phrases.

Kei a koe tētahi…? Do you have a…?

We have some te reo Māori cards MADE for this purpose. I love having these in a tumble and adding phrases weekly so that in 6 weeks we can play the whole game in te reo.

Te Pāmu  (Farm cards)

Ngā Manu (Native Birds)

Ātua Māori (Māori Gods)


I Have Who Has Activity Freebie

A simple version

This is an easy-to-play game that is a great way to practice ANYTHING with the whole class. As ākonga match up the answers on their cards with questions on other ākonga cards, they get valuable practice with vocabulary and listening skills. ĀTA WHAKARONGO-listen carefully!


The person with “Tīmata” start, reads that answer aloud: “I have __”, and then – ‘Who has ___?’  Then the ākonga with the card that answers the question responds. Every card in the set is connected to a card before it and a card after it. To keep the game moving at a quick pace, everyone needs to pay attention to every question that’s asked. Swap the cards around. Class re-arranges themselves in a line. Swap cards do it again. They can make up their own game in a group-each group has a different topic.

Learning words in isolation is OK but the magic comes when you can put it in an activity and then repeat it.

I think you’ll find it fun and it gets good kōrero going. Finally, I would even say when you get to the cards with all te reo that NO ENGLISH is to be spoken. Thats meke!

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