Raumati freebie :-) te reo printable

This free te reo printable is a Bingo game with flash cards. These will help you and your tamariki learn common  words we use in summer through playing Bingo.
In addition you can use the set of unnamed pictures and match them to their correct kupu Māori. This is perfect for a wall display. The Bingo (or Pingo as I like to call it ) has been used with learners in kindy through primary (and adults!)
Above are some of the flash card pictures. There is a set of cards and labels. This makes the set more usable and versatile. You could match the words and pictures or maybe as a word wall.
It is really empowering to be able to replace the labels with English translations  to te reo Māori only! Tamariki will be  empowered when they can do this. (And kaiako too.)

Flash cards

As a learning tool, I love flash cards.
They are so versatile and can be used and re-used often. This free printable includes 15 words and pictures for:
raumati (summer), jandals, drink, ice-cream, sun umbrella, sun glasses, sun screen, towel, sand, sand castle, bucket, spade, shells, hat and sun. I like to begin with flash cards and use them as a talking point. This is a good time to make sure everyone knows what each item (picture) is and that there is no confusion. Writing the name of the item on the back of the card will save you having to turn it around. This keeps the flow going. I also write my questions on the back. He aha tēnei? What’s this? It also helps the kaiako remember the phrases if he/she is learning at the same time.


This te reo freebie comes with a set of 12 bingo cards ready as a printable. What I love about pingo is that it can be played many times and the ākonga are motivated to play it again because next time they might win! There are only six boxes in each card and that is for two reasons.
  1. It keeps the kemu (game) quick. This means you can get a few rounds out of it. Great for repetition of the same kupu.
  2. For younger learners it is not too overwhelming.
  3. Players are keen to play again because this time they might “win”.
As they re-play the game they are hearing the kupu again. Magic happens-they start using the new language.
There is a “cheat sheet” to assist with an option of questions/ phrases you can use.
After playing a few times there will be no excuse for calling pōtae, hat.
“Kei a wai” who has is a great phrase that can be used in the classroom often. Watch this kōtiro and her māmā play a game of ‘Kei a wai”.
If you are looking for a shape game this one is Te Reo Māori Shape Bingo.

Flash cards without words

The second  set of flashcards has no text. The ākonga love this because they can prove to you that they know the kupu without reading it. Remind them that when they started they didn’t know all of these words and now……ka mau te wehi!
There are no limits of age or ability for this kēmu. Also its just plain fun.
Laminating this rauemi would be well worth it and seriously….you may find that some of the older rangatahi will enjoy playing this.


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