Te Reo Māori Interactive Folder

With these te reo Māori printables homeschooling and teaching te reo at home, has never been as convenient . Heaps of resources, printables, games, and ideas can be found on the internet, making it easy for parents to teach their children the building blocks of learning before they send them to school. While this is true, most of these resources are geared towards learning the basics in the English language. Therefore, I came up with these interactive learning folder pages which will help your children (and maybe you) learn the basics in te reo Māori at home or at school.


As you can see this has been displayed on a wall. This is for school use as an interactive, maybe as a workshop/tumble/choice activity.

Te Reo Interactive Topics

1. Te Arapū Māori (Māori Alphabet)

2. Ngā Tau (Numbers)
3. Ngā Āhua (Shapes)
4. Ngā Tae (Colours)
5. Ngā Wāhanga o te Tinana (Parts of the Body)
6. Te Tāima (Time)
7. Ngā Rā o te Wiki (Days of the Week)
8. Ngā Marama o te Tau (Months of the Year)
9. Te Huarere (The Weather)
10. Ngā Wāhanga o te Tau (Seasons of the Year)
11. Ngā kare ā roto (Feelings)
12. Tūwāhi (Locations)
13. Kupu Hāngai (Opposites)


The copy underneath (the base copy) has English written on and the “items” are identified. This helps with English recognition and also so there is no confusion on the correct name of the “item”.



The bordered pages are the ones for the binder and the ones without borders are the items to be cut out. The items in the folder pages are labelled in English while the cutouts are labelled with their Maori translation.

As you can see above there are a variety of lower case, macron and Upper case.

Furthermore,you can either post the bordered pages on the wall and store the cutouts in labelled envelopes, or you can put them in a binder to serve as a learning folder.


How to use the resource

In assembling the interactive learning folder, you may want to laminate  to make it  durable  to withstand being used by small fingers. After you assemble it, I’m sure it will all be worth it.

1. Learning Folder Printables
2. Laminating Machine
3. Velcro Tape (or blu tack)
4. Ring Binder (There must be some old grey folders hanging around somewhere)

Importantly, there is a reason for showing this to you during the summer holidays. It does take time to put together. This one took me 2 and1/2 hours to cut and laminate. To clarify, totally worth it but time none the less. Holidays are meant for these projects, right?


Te reo language extension through interactive resources

Here’s the brilliant part. You can start by just talking and identifying objects in English. Importantly, you can  make the most out of using this interactive learning folder by playing along with your tamaiti. For that reason,  I have included a cheat sheet of questions and phrases in Maori which you can ask while both of you are enjoying flipping over the pages. (There’s something satisfying about ripping velcro off).

A huge learning bonus with these resources is that they feature a question. Above all,  this is immensely important when trying to extend a language from a word to a conversation. You can move at your own pace ,but this is a great advantage as a progression in second language. Tamariki will amaze you at how quickly they will speed ahead with their language usage.

These should be enough to lay a strong foundation. (Especially with sentence starters in te reo).

Teachers can also use this as whole class reinforcement for previously learned topics, or a new topic. On the other hand, these can be an activity to work with someone else-tuakana teina. This would be priceless for teacher aide/ kaiāwhina. Also, they can be enlarged for mat time, or a focus point.

This is such a great opportunity if you are lucky enough to be able to offer time to work one on one or in a small group. You can work on one resource at a time or a small group can have one each (or pairs).


Remember the best place for sound bites and pronunciation is the Māori Dictionary.

Here is the link for the Te Reo Māori Interactive Folder

This freebie is for you to try this out!
Do you have any more ideas for some more topics you wish to include in this resource ? Tell me about them in the comments section below. Kia ora!

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