Te Reo Māori at Home

Try this free te reo printable to use at home with your tamariki. It will help them  learn or reinforce the colour whero in te reo Māori, by putting it into a meaningful context. Above all your tamariki will be able to read sentences and also understand the construction of a sentence describing the colour of something.

Whānau all over New Zealand are bringing te reo into their homes and learning alongside their tamariki. Many parents are motivated and keen to “do something about it” (learning te reo). The movement is here!  For instance here are some awesome examples of the reo being used with whānau. These whānau are using te reo in everyday wheako (experiences) to encourage and grow the reo.

Likewise there is a huge following in Māori 4 Grown-ups and a very supportive and helpful Facebook page.

Te Reo Māori courses have long waiting lists and there are more kura pō (night classes) popping up around the mōtu. Radio New Zealand, TVNZ and many others offer great little insights and programmes on te reo and to help with learning. I like this little kōrero from last year around bringing te reo into your whare.

Te Reo at home-resources

A couple of days ago someone asked me if they could purchase a resource I had for schools, for  themself, even though they weren’t a teacher. As a consequence I had a big think.

I make my resources with schools in mind  as having been a teacher responsible for te reo in a school, I am very familiar with the curriculum and activities that will work for each of the teaching levels in a classroom setting. However, the question surprised me as I thought “of course, why not?”. I reflected on this and over the past year there have been other requests for resources for the home. I pondered on the pātai “What could I do to make these accessible?”

Therefore, I have decided to adapt some of my teaching activities so  whānau can use them to learn with their tamariki or assist their tamariki to learn. Above all the advantage as a parent/caregiver teacher is that you can spend one on one time, or even one -on-five-if you’ve been blessed, to learn with or assist your tamariki with our reo.

Te Reo resources for home-

What’s the difference between the school and home resource?

Many of these rauemi will come from larger packs for schools. However, home resources will be made with small groups in mind.The bigger school charts won’t be included, although you are more than welcome to use these.

Te Reo at home-Flip Books, an example



Why do I like these flip book te reo printables?

  1. Each “flip book” is only one page to photocopy.
  2. In that one page there are 5 nouns to learn.
  3. Tamariki can repeat the phrase “He_______ (colour)” only changing the noun, one word.
  4. Following on, phrases can then be repeated when reading ALL of the flip books with their colours.
  5. As they colour in the pictures the learner is interacting with the “things” or nouns.
  6. Confidence grows with reading short phrases.
  7. Simple phrases can be used every day to describe something new.
  8. Flipping the pages is fun 🙂
  9. Depending on your reo you have questions you can ask your tamaiti.

In the case of this free te reo printable the questions could be-

“He aha tēnei?” ” What’s this?” He… It’s

“He aha ēnei? ” “What are these?” He… They’re

“He aha te tae o tēnei? “What’s the colour of this?” He (colour)-It’s

“He kōwhai, he whero rānei?” Is it yellow or red? He (colour)-It’s

To sum up, these questions are included in the notes for this freebie.

If you would like to try this te reo freebie fill out in the box below. You will get email updates about new products and freebies. If you don’t wish to receive updates you can unsubscribe straight after downloading your flip book.

In addition, your tamariki can read it to Nan when she comes over, to  stuffed animals and your real pets (mōkai). Honestly you will be surprised at how quickly they will catch on. They are learning sponges! They just need a variety of activities.

Try the freebie out and if you find it as awesome as I think you will you can purchase all 10 here.


  1. Firstly, identify all the pictures. Colour your sheet.

2.Secondly, cut around the bottom squares and along the dashes.


3. Glue where it says “whakapiritia”-fasten with glue or staples. Make sure the picture from the left box is on top. This is the cover.


The structure for this sentence is-

He āporo whero.

A red apple.

“He” is one of those great words that can mean a/some or It’s.

An explanation of these types of sentences is on Kupu o te rā.

In addition, to support learning the colours this is my favourite waiata because it also teaches the question “He aha te tāe (colour)?”

Here are the 10 flip books for purchase.


Here’s kikorangi …

If you would like to purchase the 10 colour flip books (includes the freebie whero) you can do so here.


The school big version is here. Ngā Tae.

The nouns don’t come with translations. However, there is a reason for that. If they aren’t obvious from the pictures it will be GOOD PRACTICE to use an online dictionary to check for the reason that there are sound bites. As a result, these will help learners with the pronunciation. Listen here for tarau.

Above all I think you’ll be very excited with your tamariki’s progress.  In conclusion, I’m excited about the other products I have that  will help you and your whānau learn more te reo. Similarly, if you have any requests or ideas for different home based activities just leave a message below. I would love to help.

Ngā mihi,