kai resource bundle
Kai Resource Bundle

We just cannot live without FOOD. Kai. We need it every day so it’s all around us. Therefore, this makes food a good context to learn te reo Māori. Undoubtedly, language is as important to our lives as fruit and … Read More

NZ Birds
NZ Birds Resource Bundle

Birds are important to traditional Māori life as sources of food and clothing. People closely observe their habits and take them as inspirations for metaphor and poetry. Moreover, people also use their behaviour to predict the weather and even the … Read More

Tāne and the Three Baskets of Knowledge

The story of how Tāne obtained the three baskets of knowledge is one of the most fascinating pūrākau you and your tamariki will hear. (For other Māori stories, click here.) It is a reflection of the importance of knowledge from … Read More

Māori creation story
The Māori Creation Story

The Maori creation story has been passed on from generations to generations. Ranginui and Papatūānuku, Tāne, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea, Rongomātāne, Haumietiketike, Tūmatauenga and Rūaumoko are Maori Gods who are inextricably linked to te Ao Māori. They are our whakapapa, our guiding … Read More

Maori gods resource bundle
Māori Gods Resource Bundle

The creation story involving the Māori Gods gives us a unique way of looking at our world. In fact, its tradition is so strong that it can influence  aspects of our lives. Hence, this Māori Gods Resource Bundle celebrates this … Read More

Maori number recognition activity mats
Maori Number Recognition Activity Mats

Counting in te reo Māori is here. These Maori number recognition activity mats, paired with dry erase pockets, will surely get your tamariki counting the stars and learning numbers in te reo at the same time. These Matariki number recognition … Read More

Te Reo Māori: Classroom Timetable Labels
Te Reo Classroom Timetable Labels

This lovely collection of te reo, with English, timetable labels are bright and engaging. They offer more than just subject labels. Every day teacher prompts, phrases and words are included.… Read More

Te Reo Whakatauki and Growth Mindset (Freebie)

Whakatauki (proverbs) represent the wisdom guiding the Maori culture. They are commonly used as inspirations in speeches and also as gentle reminders spoken to each other in everyday life. They are poetic expressions of wise sayings which allude to symbols … Read More

Matariki stars
Matariki Stars Mini Collaborative Posters

The Matariki stars are up in the night sky this season during Pipiri, the Māori month of June. Pipiri marks the beginning of the Māori Maramataka.  Pipiri simply means “to draw close”. What better way to draw your learners together … Read More

Maori gods concertina book
Māori Gods Concertina Book

This Māori Gods concertina book, also known as “He Pukapuka Whētuitui – Ngā Atua Māori”, is a wonderful activity for your students to learn more about the Maori gods. Making this concertina book is a great activity, especially if you … Read More

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