Matariki Reading and Craft Activities

Thinglink is back! By popular demand, I have resurrected my Matariki Thinglink from 2016 and added some of the recent popular activities. The beauty of this is that the  Matariki activities are all in one place for busy kaiako.



1. What is Matariki? (Click on number 1 in the picture)

This is an animation for Matariki events. This makes a great introduction.

2.Matariki Storytelling

Storytellers are Te Papa talk about the relevance of storytelling and Matariki.

3.Matariki-Little Eyes

Another sweet clip that gets the imagination going.

4. Matariki-The Eyes of the God Tāwhirimātea

Told in te reo, this clip has English subtitles. If you were to play every day I’m sure your ākonga would grasp more reo and have fun with using relevant Matariki kupu.

Check out the other Matariki resources with Tāwhirimātea in them here.

5. Matariki-Ready to Read Book

This is a Gold RtR book which you could use as audio with a reading group. You may have this in your library.

6. Puanga

This is an explanation of where to find Puanga. Furthermore, some Iwi celebrate Puanga rather than Matariki.

7. Matariki with Pipi Mā

My absolute FAVOURITE. Your learners will love these cuties. Although in te reo I have provided some translations of words and phrases you could use in your room. I have also made a copy of the great Matariki waiata they sing. (Download at the subscription box below).

8. Matariki Star Card

I have been blown away with all of these cards that have been produced all over Aotearoa. Furthermore from some as young as Year Two! (Fill out the subscription box below to get the templates).

9. Matariki Card

if you have the Matariki Collaborative, this is a small black and white version. It is a card. It can also be used to write the meanings behind the symbols, or a story.

(Fill out the subscription box below to get the templates).

10. Matariki Booklet

Firstly, this little Freebie Matariki book is a fun way for you and your tamariki to practice your reo. Also, you will be learning the names of the stars.

If you are unsure of the pronunciation help is here!

We have a video for you to download and use with your learners.

I am a big fan of little homemade books. They are popular with tamariki.

As a result, they will be able to read a book totally in te reo Māori.

(Fill out the subscription box below to get the templates).


Finally, if you haven’t visited my other Matariki pages there are a heap of ideas and resources. This includes a Matariki Bingo whole class game and a Matariki Concertina Book.




All of the downloadable Matariki Freebies on the Thinglink page can be downloaded below. They are all together.

Ngā mihi!