Fun Te Reo Games-Barrier Games

Looking for a fun game to play in te reo Māori? Barrier games are a must. They are an excellent way of practicing words and sentences in te reo Māori. Barrier games provide a motivating, fun wheako (experience) for practicing … Read More

Diwali Collaborative Poster

The festival of Diwali (Diwali) is a celebration of light, colour, sparkle and joy! These are all captured in this Diwali Collaborative Poster with 5 day bunting flags. Firstly, all participants get so much joy from working on a collaborative … Read More

Te Reo Māori Values and Virtues Paper Chains

These 20 te reo Māori words are Values and Virtues that are fast becoming part of our classroom language and school culture. Written in te reo only it provides an opportunity for applying the value/word rather than reading its English … Read More

New Zealand Christmas Paper Chains

Celebrate our unique New Zealand with these te reo Māori phrases for the Christmas season. These paper chains have some of our New Zealand icons loved by the tamariki. Icons: Tiki Pōhutukawa Kōwhai Fantail Kiwi Summer Santa Kākāpō Gecko Tuatara … Read More

New Zealand Native Birds Christmas Decorations

Celebrate the Christmas season with these beautiful 3D Native Birds. Tūī and Tīrairaka will enhance any Christmas tree and delight makers and recipients. Koro and Nan will love these. The next door neighbour would be ecstatic. Cuzzies would think they’re … Read More

New Zealand Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the holiday season with these beautiful NZ icon Christmas ornaments in te reo Māori and English (and te reo Māori only). Learners can choose from 20 illustrations and phrases, 4 writing prompts and a blank template. These are LARGE-each … Read More

New Zealand Christmas Card Making Set

New Zealand Christmas Card Making Set We are celebrating Christmas in New Zealand with a fun selection of D.I.Y. cards for your learners to work on independently. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Lots of choices and opportunity to learn simple … Read More

Te Reo Māori Shape Bingo

Wondering how to extend sentence structure in te reo Maori? This “Pingo” or “Bingo” game will help you: *extend the use of colours in te reo Māori (when describing something) *learn or reinforce 5 geometric shapes (heart, star, square, rhombus, … Read More

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