Collaborative Posters Mahi ngātahi

Whakataukī Collaborative Poster – Mahitahi


This simple lesson is a great, inclusive, community building activity.
Each ākonga is given one section of a large mosaic poster to colour in. By looking carefully at their matching coloured piece, they practice blending and mixing colours as close as they can to the original. Once all sheets are coloured and cut out they are then assembled by the students, to reveal a large multi-coloured mosaic/poster/mural, this one being a waka of kaihoe (paddlers).


Here is another amazing collaborative poster.

Each participant has a section of the poster. When all sections are completed , by colouring, the poster can be displayed in its full wonderful size! Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>

Also,by completing this activity, the learners are exemplifying the collaboration whakataukī.
This is such a striking addition to your akomanga.

Poster details:
There are 25 pieces in this poster. (Fewer than some of the others as the whakataukī is included in the poster-not separate).

Learners can work independently and require little input from the teacher.
Finally,this whakataukī is a well known one about moving in the same direction, working together and focusing on what needs to be done!

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