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Te Reo Māori Playing Cards: Matariki




Have heaps of fun playing Snap-“pakō” or Fish “Hī ika” with this awesome pack of cards.

This set of 52 cards is based on the pūrākau (story) The Eyes of Tāwhirimātea- Ngā Mata o te Ariki  a Tāwhirimātea.

By playing with these cards you and your tamariki can

  • learn the names of the 9 whetū (stars)
  • learn their domains through each stars symbolism
  • recall the pūrākau “Ngā mata o te Ariki a Tāwhirimātea”, through looking at the cards
  • add new phrases in te reo (Kei a koe a Tāwhirimātea? Have you got Tāwhirimātea.?) (Anei-here)

Included are Te Iwa a Matariki-The Nine Stars of Matariki, as well as Ranginui, Papatūānuku, Tāwhirimātea and Tūmatauenga.

This card set is based on one of the Matariki pūrākau.

These cards are a great activity to have in your classroom as an activity in your reading tumble, part of your language programor of course as part of your te reo activities.

The process I use is as follows.

  1. Discuss how to play the game-or what the rules are for the game of “Fish”. Perhaps you could work with a group to show them how to play.
  2. Look at the cards and the names of the whetū. (Prior knowledge)
  3. Play the game with a few substitutions of te reo Māori for English (Āē yes kāo-no) etc
  4. Play again but this time substitute another Māori phrase or kupu.

Its a great to play for maybe 10-15 mins consistently through the week.

I usually put a timer on and after the first week we can only kōrero Māori while we play cards. This means you only ask the questions you NEED to know. The phrases come with the cards.

You can have a variety of packs so that your learners can have a wider selection of kupu (words).

Once your ākonga understand the expectations they can then play the card games in small groups, early finishers or as a class.

“Kei a koe a Tāwhirimātea?” Do you have Tāwhirimātea?


These are also a great addition to your Matariki Inquiry and will help reinforce the names of the whetū.



Here is the link for the pūrākau (story) of Matariki . Tūmatauenga and Tāwhirimātea fought. Tāwhiri was so angry he tore his eyes out and threw them above to the sky. They became the cluster of Matariki.

These can both be purchased with Tier pricing

1-5 packs=19.95

5-10 (class pack)=17.95

10+ packs=15.95


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