Māori Art-How to Draw Poupou (in a few simple steps)


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You will be amazed at the Māori art your learners produce from following these easy steps. Your budding artists will be proud of the stunning results. You can get this resource AND ALL of the resources from Te Reo Club for one huge discounted price when you join Te Reo Club.

Through the process of observing, discussing and creating these, ākonga will make connections with the symbols, patterns and importance of this Māori art medium. Besides that they will be able to draw representations of things that are important to them within their own pou.
Before the era of photography pou recorded and represented important ancestors and events. Most importantly pou whakairo (carvings) can tell tribal stories.

Above all, the lesson plans are prescriptive and easy to follow for the teacher and learner.
This beautiful art form still remains and modern-day interpretations continue to amaze viewers with their visual stories.

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