Ka taea e koe……you can!

One of my favourite phrases! YOU CAN!

You CAN-(I know you can)  or YOU can (see I knew you could)

Oh my goodness it’s great to be back blogging again. I have spent three weeks in Asia and on return had strange feelings of  displacement!
I was re-inspired yesterday by a group of very enthusiastic beginning teachers. I was surprised at how many of them had a good basic grasp of te reo and delighted that they all ran timetabled te reo lessons (and very creative content too).
When I first began facilitating about 5 years ago, the te reo Māori lesson as such was generally not happening in most mainstream primary schools. There was, in some schools, a te reo Māori specialist teacher whose nomadic existence led them  from room to room.
It’s so good to see the commitment and willingness of these BT’s to be creative, and totally engaging their ākonga.
Anyway why I’m bringing this up is because the last BT course I facilitated  I was asked “What other praise can I give other than “Ka pai and tino pai?”
It got me thinking that there are quite a few.  It’s not finding the phrases that is difficult, it’s remembering to use them (over and over) and adding new phrases.
Always in my language teaching I have used prompts and slips, labels and shout outs.
I created these praise and affirmation slips as a way of varying whakamihi phrases and also as a lovely acknowledgement for effort, excellence, kindness and encouragement.

I am so rapt at how they turned out and can’t wait for them to be used.

Most of them come three to a page and there is another page where a name can be written.
Or you could write the name above the Ka taea e koe and write something else in the bottom box.
What I love the most about these is that you can use them anywhere, outside the classroom, in the playground, at a staff meeting,assemblies IN THE OFFICE. They can be glued in the workbooks or made into a fridge magnet or bookmark.

What do you think?
I have the ka taea e koe-You can download as a freebie on my Teachers pay Teachers store.

I would love to hear how you used them!
Kia pai tō  mutunga wiki (roa) #long weekend

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