Flips and flaps

I have always loved putting a “flap” on top of pictures,words puzzles etc. This is one of the pages in a “Ngā tae” colour scrapbook I made. It is one of the large scrappies and every page has a compilation of vivid colour and the māori kupu for that colour on the page. It is often referred to when talking about ngā tae and is left in the library corner.
Collaborative colour books can be made with the ākonga and I make a point of continually adding to them to keep them “alive”.

Under the flaps I like to have some relevant whakataukī, kīwaha or kupu.
I find that the tamariki love lifting up the flaps to discover what is underneath (even when they know!).

Of course the tamariki love to make their own and these little mini flaps are a great way to record some information in a fun and non-arduous way.

They are especially good if you have a theme going on, and can be stuck on  acting as a reading log. The flaps can be unfolded to reveal information on the book..P L U S it is another way of integrating te reo into reading activities.
Ko wai? (Who?)
Kei hea?  (Where?)
He aha te raruraru? (What is the problem?)
He aha te whakamāramatanga? (What is the solution?)

I kept the questions in the present tense so that now you, or the tamariki can ask each other “He aha te raruraru?” when they see someone has a problem.

This is quite small and the downloadable comes with two on a page. Obviously it can be enlarged.
Ākonga can ask each other the questions to find out about the pakiwaitara.
It is downloadable for free at TpT on the link on the right hand side of the page.
I would love to hear from you if you used this in your akomanga.

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