Taumaahekeheke o te Ao….The Olympics!!

Thanks to those of you that kept asking when this rauemi would be finished. As some of you know it has taken much longer than anticipated.
“Pai tū pai hinga na wai rā….ka oti” My mantra…..keep going. You will finish…lots of growth mindset self talk being used for the last month, I tell you.
So why do I love this resource?:

  • It comes with Achievement Objectives, so you are actually teaching to the requirements of the curriculum (these are a word doc so can be put in planning)
  • You can learn while you teach
  • The activities are fun (trading cards, I have, who has-kei a wai game etc)
  • Whakataukī,Growth Mindset and values are included
  • Flashcards-one set with Māori kupu and one set unnamed but with labels
  • Modern and engaging
  • Compliments any non-māori Olympic resource you may have

  • Is easy to follow (eeks, I hope) and if it’s not I’m here
Ākonga “wheelie” 
There are a variety of cool activities and the resource is based on second language learning pedagogy.
Unlabelled flashcards

The flashcards are bright and 2 fit on an A4 sheet.

Flashcards  labelled and unlabelled

I really like having the option of labelled and unlabelled cards as you can play lots of games with a few or all of them.
You always have the labelled ones for reference.
I have just listed these on Trade me for $20.00 each. The Terms of Use are that they are available for 1 teacher and their classroom. Additional copies are available for $10.00 for use by another teacher. Please don’t send  the files on to others.
I know with the collaborative way we work this is a bit difficult but I would be grateful if you stuck to that kaupapa.
I am working on uploading these to Teachers pay Teachers so that you can get the product instantly. I’m trying to find the easiest way for you .

Here is the link for Trade me

This resource is for middle, upper primary and  Intermediate. I will be working on a simpler junior rauemi.
I will continue with my freebies AND work alongside you with this resource showing how to use it in your Akomanga.
Patai??? Patai mai. Questions? Just ask..Leave a pitopito kōrero in the messages below, or

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa!

P.S Many of you don’t have a trade me account. Please email me and you can deposit the putea in:
03 1503 0494158 000

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