Practicing te Reo Through Games

There are so many games and activities that can be played/ included in the reo classroom. Many will be talked about in future posts and included in the upcoming resources. However I wanted to focus on my all time favourite the “fortune teller” also known as “cootie catcher”- no I have no idea why it’s called that.
This is such fun and so versatile in every area of the curriculum. For second language learning it is the repetition of the questions and the replies that is a winner for me.
If you wanted to scaffold the learning the kaiako could model the reo throughout the day by using the fortune teller and then the tamariki could have their own.
It is a wonderful activity to be taken home and played with the whānau. My rangatahi enjoyed playing this one!
Another reason I love them is that you can make them in te reo Māori only and have a time of say 5 minutes to play these together in class and you are only allowed to use te reo Māori. It’s amazing only hearing te reo and it is all read from the fortune teller.
Over time you can build a vocabulary list of kupu hou needed when playing.
 e.g tīpakotia tētahi nama-choose a number
I have made 2 different versions for Matariki-one simple one which was part of the Matariki resources here.The second is in te reo Māori only and the questions have a Matariki/
Ngā Atua Māori (Māori Gods) focus. Even if you aren’t confident with te reo, give it a go. I have made them multiple choice to give more opportunities for kōrero.
Various other opportunities exist-counting in 5,s etc when the first number is chosen.
Any other possibilities? Please let me know how you go. I love getting feedback, thanks so much to you who have left comments . Any questions….patai mai!

Fortune teller i roto i te reo Māori anakē

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