Kapa haka for beginners….

and no I don’t just mean the tamariki! YOU TOO…. because how many of us find ourselves in charge of  kapa haka. This is often because we:

  • have shown a little bit of interest
  • can play the guitar (even if it’s D G A)
  • are Māori (therefore we must be the expert lol)
  • can sing Pōkarekare ana

Kapa Haka Actions

Firstly, some of us may know a few waiata-a-ringa but we have never been formally “taught” how to perform correct actions.
 I put together this little resource that may help you. You may be someone who has been nominated to be the Kapa Haka tutor.
In 2014 a show “Kia mau” was put together to help tamariki with their kapa haka moves. There are a series of “building blocks” as in basic moves to form a waiata-a-ringa.  The “spots” on the kapa haka picture below are the links for these.
Many of us find ourselves being the kapa haka experts when we don’t know too much about it. However, it’s just such a positive vibe to be involved in kapa haka and seeing some of the personal “styles” the tamariki pull out is a laugh too (and the kaiako for that matter).

Kapa Haka Support

The programme has several other waiata and the kupu for this one “Nau mai, haere mai” can be downloaded here.
Also, there are some lovely little waiata- this one for pronunciation and this for counting to ten and asking how many, e hia? There are clips on locations- runga and raro (up and down) and mauī, matau, waenganui (left, right and in the middle). These support learning locations from our Māori Curriculum. (A.O 1.5)

Kia mau-kapa haka moves!

The beauty of this is that the tamariki could teach themselves some of these moves and make up their own waiata-a-ringa.
Finally, you can have a good warm up in the morning. There is plenty of fun to be had in working together with kapa haka.

Ngā mihi,