Te Reo Māori Whakataukī – Colouring Pages 2




Thanks to those of you using Te Reo Maori Whakatauki Pages #1.
Here is the follow up, with just as many gorgeous whakataukī to colour in and say. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz

Colouring in te reo Maori whakatauki pages, is just one more way of normalising te reo Maori in your classroom or home.

After a discussion of the meaning there’s nothing better than to chill and colour!

Colouring is for everyone and the following are some of the key benefits of colouring pages in child development:
1. Improves Motor Skills
2. Stimulates Creativity
3.Promotes colour Awareness
4. Improves Focus and Hand to Eye Coordination
5. Improves Confidence and Self Esteem (completing projects)
6. Self-Expression many of us are visual in nature. Colouring is a vehicle for self-expression as we make colour decisions and flesh out the boundaries of a colouring page.
7. Stress Relief Colouring is also calming and therapeutic for tamariki (and adults-I LOVE it too!)

For many it is a great time to reflect
Here are the 10 whakataukī in this resource:

*I am the river and the river is me.

*Do not lift the paddle out of unison or our canoe will never reach the shore. (Kotahitanga)

*There’s no place like home. (Whanaungatanga)

*It is not proper to prepare the hook at sea. (Be prepared)

*A descendant of Tiki. (Industrious person)
*That is the hand that pulls up the weeds. (Hardworking)

*The world is yours.

*The rock doesn’t go to the pāua. The pāua goes to the rock. (Active learner-growth mindset)

*A fantails tail.

*Hold on to the long crayfish.

These are A4 size. There are two options-Te reo Māori only or Te reo Māori with English explanation.

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