Koru Clip Art


Decorate your labels, cards, worksheets or posters with these koru. They come in 18 bright colours and are easy to use. Get creative by rotating, reflecting and joining them to each other. Resource makers can add a bit of Aotearoa to their NZ products! Teachers can “korufy” their classrooms.



You will love these koru whakanikoniko (embellishments) for your posters, labels, worksheets and lots of other creative projects. Artists and crafters  can add a little of New Zealand art to their masterpieces. These are one style and they can be stretched without becoming pixellated .

These are  hand drawn. They are colourful and easy to manipulate. (I use PowerPoint). For that reason your budding artists may like to add these to cards or presentations. Learners can be really creative with the colours and sizing of the koru.




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