Collaborative Posters Mahi ngātahi

ANZAC Collaborative Poster


Collaborative posters are a fun inclusive activity. This ANZAC Poster includes the last line of “The Ode of Remembrance” in te reo Māori.
” Ka maumahara tonu tātou ki a rātou”.


This resource is an opportunity to integrate some te reo Māori in your ANZAC discussions. Included is the complete te reo version of the fourth stanza. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —>

If you haven’t already introduced this kōrero, here is an amazing opportunity for your learners to recite this stanza

“He Mihi Whakamaumahara”.

The poster has both versions (English and te reo Māori) of the last line of the ode.
The full measurements, if both banners are used will be 140cm x 100cm and can include 35 pieces.

Each learner has a section of the poster. When all sections are completed the poster can be displayed in its full wonderful size!

As a te reo teaching point this is a good example of  tātou (all of us) and rātou (them) and will help in the understanding of pronouns.

This is a full school license.

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