Praise Phrases in Te Reo FREEBIE

Here are some fun rosettes, buttons, ribbons whatever you’d like to call them, in te reo Māori. They can be put on the board in a classroom, fridge at home, or given to tamariki to take home and colour. There is room for additional comments.

They serve as a reminder to you to praise your tamariki in reo rather than English. You could put them on your board to remind you of the phrases.

They are available by filling in the form below. This also gets you on our mailing list. If you don’t wish to remain on our mailing list, unsubscribe after getting your freebie.


If you haven’t heard, we have a new membership website for teachers and parents.

We have a huge range of fantastic resources to decorate your room with and to help PROMOTE more te reo in your classroom.

Some of these include:

Level 1 and 2 combined planning template

Progression planning template



Plus heaps of templates, maths, crafts and decor.

The very best thing is that once you’ve joined up we use your requests as part of the 10 new monthly resources. For example, the resource below came about for a request for a Level 3 Transportation resource from a kaiako.

So have a look over there when you have a minute.