Te Waka-A Symbol of Collaboration: kotahitanga

He waka kootuia kaahore e tukutukua ngaa mimira

A canoe that is interlaced will not become separated at the bow.
In unity there is strength.
The waka  encapsulates the long history of Māori as ocean voyagers, navigators, and innovators.
It is a great symbol of commitment and kotahitanga. Many kaiako use the waka to represent teamwork in their akomanga.
Building a waka, carving a waka, paddling a waka- it takes a group working in collaboration, to be able to do these things successfully.
A waka represents:
  •         tenacity and teamwork overcoming challenges; it inspires us towards success.
  •          moving in the same direction; we cover more ground when we do this.
  •         people gaining more by using each others strengths.
      These whakataukī are great examples of kotahitanga.


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