Manu maaori.. our native birds

Manu māori-one of the names for native birds. Do you know the difference between Māori and māori? (If not you may find these useful.)
They are so fascinating and beautiful-and yes there’s the odd cheeky one too. Some of them have sad stories of extinction, and for others, numbers are on the slow incline.
There are many waiata you can find here.
Ka tahi tī (31) Koekoeā (43) and E rere e tī (44) are 3 goodies.
In my latest resource I have included:

  • a great whakataukī-The Tūī squawks, the kākā chatters the wood pigeon coos. The birds singing and chattering together are a metaphor for unity,  although they are all unique!
  • Māori names for these manu (flash cards)
  • counting 1-10 using the manu (flash cards)
  • Early reading- identifying birds names. (Read,colour, cut, rearrange and count)

This is a very useful activity. After reading/identifying the manu, colour in (fav. part!) cut the strips. Mix them up. Put back together using all the cues. Count (te reo) along the bottom to check/ practice. Swap with someone else and put their page back together.

  • same activity but with number sentences.
E rua ngā kākāpō (Two kākāpō)
PLUS- I love this. A little pukapuka for the tamariki to colour in. Staple togther and it’s an emergent reader. It comes in te reo/english and te reo only.

If you would like this resource it is available on TpT here.
If you’d like something similar for older tamariki feel free to get in touch with me. I am always happy to make something to suit the needs of your ākonga.
Kia pai te rā ki a koe 🙂

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