Olympics-let’s not forget the teina!

 For our teina or to complement the senior resource is this one. The good thing about making resources over and over is that I now know all the kupu for the Olympic sports.
In fact, the beauty of teaching te reo and using the same language over and over again is that you can quickly improve your vocab. You just have to be focused and mindful and plan what YOU want to learn. My akomanga was always like a stick it castle, everything named and I was mindful of using and repeating the kupu as much as I could. I was constantly corrected when I defaulted back to english. Ktk!
Taumāhekeheke rauemi-
There are some really gorgeous kupu, for instance kauhoe=Swim. Many people/iwi use kaukau for swim or for bathe also,
Kau is to bathe/wade, Hoe is a paddle. Kauhoe=swim (your arms are your paddles)
waka= canoe
tāwhai=stretch out, move the limbs alternatively
Canoeing=Hoehoe waka tāwhai (move your paddles alternatively in your waka)
Synchronised swimming. Swim= kauhoe the same= ōrite 
kauhoe ōrite=(swimming the same).
The language makes so much sense!
Back to the rauemi. All the kupu for the sports are the same as the tuakana resource. The difference is that this one is centred around Bingo games and Memory game rather than written activities.
Bingo is such a fun way of remembering words and I use the big flashcards to show the picture. It helps if you write the kupu māori on the back so you are not having to turn the card over all the time.
With only 8 squares the game is usually pretty quick.

What we are in fact aiming for is lots of short games so we can repeat, repeat and repeat.
(For us as well as the ākonga.) Get those kupu flowing.
I am a real fan of games to promote second language learning.
I’m all into letting anyone who wants to play in pairs do that too. Once they get the hang of it they will want their own card. Then you can introduce the second set. Then play them both together.
Any resource/game I have shared with my ākonga (with words in it) I have put in an activity box and I ‘ve made it one of my tumble activities. It’s still reading, right? This was hugely successful in integrating and “normalising” the reo rangatira. Also once you have played the games a few times everyone wants to be the “caller”,
and it can be played independently , without a kaiako…yeah right (?) of course.
Anyway it is 11.41pm and I promised someone I would finish this resource on Friday.
It is $10.00 per teacher/ECE centre. Additional copies $5:00 per teacher. Thanks to those who have stuck to the kaupapa and ordered for their school.

Kua oti tēnei mahi nāianei. Ko te wā moe!

Trademe link for rauemi

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