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Te Reo Māori Curriculum

Greetings, Farewells, Acknowledgements-Te Reo Word Game

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Te Reo Māori games are a fun way to practice, repeat, review and produce language. This resource  with audio pronunciation support will help learners expedite their reo output with everyday usable phrases. Download the resource now – or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! —> tereoclub.co.nz

Likewise it is to help both the kaiako and learner with reading and pronunciation. Furthermore, it will encourage output of the language.

Also perfect for HOME learning.

Importantly, this was designed around the Achievement Objective 1.1 from

Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori – Kura Auraki

Greetings, Farewells and Acknowledgements included are:

*Tēnā koe-hello to one, Tēnā kōrua-hello to two, Tēna koutou-hello to 3 or more**

*Ata mārie-good morning

*Ahiahi mārie-good afternoon

*E noho rā-goodbye to those who are staying

*Haere rā-goodbye

*Ka kite āpōpō-see you tomorrow

*Hei āpōpō-until tomorrow

*Ngā mihi nui ki a koe-thank you

*Tāu kē-fantastic/great

Ka pai tō mahi-good work

*Kia ora-hello/well done/thanks

*Aroha mai-sorry  

For the reason that visual cues and reading is so important, this comes with the posters to match 🙂

The posters are from the Greetings, Farewells and Acknowledgements Resource.

Above all the interactive nature of this game will keep your learners engaged.

Teachers Notes


  1. This file is in PowerPoint Show format. It will work on any version of PowerPoint but it’s best to have the latest Microsoft 365 PowerPoint to maximize the functions rendered in the game. It doesn’t work on google slides as GS doesnt have all of the animation/audio abilities that Powerpoint has. DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL FREEBIE BELOW to see if it works on your device.

2.Learners can also play this as a whole class (for input purposes) or as teams (for evaluation purposes). You can flash the game on a screen using a projector or you can simply access it on a smartboard if available. Also, make sure you connect your laptop to a speaker because the game has sound bites for pronunciation . One to listen to and the other to repeat.

3.If this is to be played as a contest, you may decide first how many teams are going to play, depending on the size of the class. Always make sure that everybody can participate. This is a good opportunity for tuakana/teina mahi.

4.Finally, once the teams are formed, you may decide on the order of guessing a tile. Each team can pick one letter at a time.

**WHOLE SCHOOL LICENCE-For one school only  -ALL classes in your kura will have a licence to use this 🙂


Sample/preview can be downloaded here:



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