Collaborative Poster – He Waka Eke Noa

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Enjoy making this collaborative poster with the whakataukī “He waka eke noa”We are all in this together. A waka in which we are all on.

Once finished, this collaborative poster measures approximately 100 cm X 50 cm. It has 18 pieces which your tamariki can colour and put together.

Also, your learners can draw pictures of themselves, to put in the waka as if they are riding on it!

The nine stars of Matariki-Te Iwa o Matariki

  • The Kōtuku-a bird which is very rarely seen, it resembles something rare and special.
  • “He kōtuku rerenga tahi” (whakataukī) also seen on the $2 coin. The kōtuku of a single flight-seen maybe once in a life time.
  • Wheke-Octopus “Kaua e mate wheke mate ururoa!  (whakataukī) Don’t die like an octopus, die like a hammerhead shark.-fight hard to the end.
  • Also Kupe chased a wheke all the way to Aotearoa. There are many places named from the events of this journey.
  • Whai-Stingray is seen as a kaitiaki (guardian) for some iwi, protecting shellfish beds.
  • Mahi ngātahi-working together, collaboration
  • Kotahitanga-unity, solidarity
  • Manaakitanga-hospitality, kindness, support generosity, care extended to others.


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