Te wiki o te reo rangatira!

Nau mai, haere mai ki te wiki o te reo Māori. Hope you are having a successful week whatever your goals are.Ākitia te reo–encourage the language. If you haven’t seen the great resources from Te Taurawhiri here they are. (I love that they have … Read More

Olympics 2016 Rio….

I am working on a package that I think (hope) will be pretty fun for the tamariki. Most kura will be involved with heaps of activities (in english) and it’s always great to be able to have some really engaging … Read More

Practicing te Reo Through Games

This Matariki freebie printable may challenge you. By playing it over again you will quickly improve. Try it.   There are so many games and activities that can be played/ included in the reo classroom. I will include them in … Read More

Kapa haka for beginners
Kapa haka for beginners….

and no I don’t just mean the tamariki! YOU TOO…. because how many of us find ourselves in charge of  kapa haka. This is often because we: have shown a little bit of interest can play the guitar (even if … Read More

Matariki 2016

Ngā mihi mō te tau hōu Māori! My favourite time of year and I’m glad to say this post is very late because I have been  staying on a marae, (over) eating Māori kai,  and doing all those things that … Read More

Let’s talk about pronunciation

I had the privilege of being invited to Manurewa Central School and one of the first topics for discussion was this-correct pronunciation of te reo Māori. For so many of us we have tried unsuccessfully to pronounce te reo correctly, … Read More

Te reo-the functional chunks

As teachers of te reo we need to provide students with many opportunities to use the language they are learning.  However, students often do not get enough opportunity to use the language. I remember a wise person saying to me … Read More

The Te Reo Maori Classroom
Tuuaahua-Statives in the te reo classroom

Tūāhua-Statives Last week at Te Aupikitanga we were re-united with tūāhua. Here is some explanation and a link below to tōku reo for some whakaharatau. 1. Stative verbs in Māori are words that indicate a state, condition or quality (rather than an activity or an event-adjectives used … Read More

Growth mindset in the te reo Maori classroom

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset. As a teacher I practice growth mindset in the akomanga but as I am discovering I have been holding many fixed growth mindset thoughts as a learner. This year I decided to embark on a … Read More

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