6 February 2018

***Happy Waitangi Day FREEBIE 2018 ***

Briscoes have commemorated Waitangi weekend by having a big sale! I have commemorated by making these cool table tents!
I have always loved these in class. One option is for the tamariki to write their names on the front and use the te reo prompts on the back during the day.
If I wanted to use the tents as a strategy to repeat my reo during the day I would give them out by saying"Jayden, kei hea koe?"Jayden where are you?" Jayden could reply "Kei konei ahau" "I'm here."
OR you could write one of your values on the front of the tent (they are editable) and then an "I can" list or success criteria on the back. It's bottomless what you can use these for.

If you meet in the morning as a large group these would be cool so that all the teachers (especially new ones) could get to know the tamariki.
Being highly creative I'm sure you can come up with a HEAP of uses.
A big shout out to Mrs Green Grubs for her awesome borders that can be found here.

A Treaty thought  -as teachers our job is to be treaty partners. We need to be consistently protecting te reo Māori, customs and tikanga.
Kia pai te rā nei ki a koe, ki a koutou katoa! Enjoy the tents.
Available here


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    1. kia ora Louise, Hope you get heaps of use from it!

  2. These are awesome! I've already been at school a week and learnt all their names but I love the idea of putting other things in reo on the back. Thanks again Michele

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    1. Love your class room name! very Harry Potter 4 and 3/4??

  4. Beautiful words Michele, and so true about our job as teachers! I'm going to use these this afternoon. Looking forward to it. Thank you!

  5. E te tuahine, chur! Te autaia hoki o to mahi! Kia kaha ra!