20 July 2017

Kei Roto i te Moana: In the Sea

It's big, it's beautiful, it's te moana.
How many classrooms have you been in where the topic is "The sea"?
How many of those classrooms had kupu Māori or a Māori perspective visible?
This is one of the easiest to integrate the perspectives of kaitiakitanga and tikanga.
Tangaroa, kaitiaki of the sea, guards his children, all living things in the moana. For first peoples the moana was the pantry, the supermarket the place to get kai to sustain the people. Many of us still rely on the ocean's bounty. This resource has been made to help schools use more te reo Māori with this topic.

Wall labels, flashcards and foldable books will help you integrate words and sentences.

Here is a clip to see this resource:

Available as a whole school license on Teachers Pay Teachers (see link on the side) or 

ngā mihi,


  1. Kia ora Michelle, I am enjoying your blog and the resources you offer. I would like to use your growth mindset poster in the classroom. Is this ok? I am aware of patent etc. Also, I don't seem to be able to subscribe to your blog/page.

    Nga mihi

  2. Kia ora,
    Yes of course! I would love you to use the poster.
    I'm not sure whats up with the subscription :-(

  3. Hi there Michelle, I am a student at Auckland University. I am doing a lesson plan for the theme Te Moana and would love to use this as a resource and part of my lesson if that is ok? If it is please tell me how I could cite you as a reference for my assignment.

    1. Yes! Go ahead.
      Any questions thetereomaoriclassroom@gmail.com